Legends: The Imprisoning War RP

From Egs Mayhem

Blades will bleed

Shields will shatter

But as the light fades…

Will the hero rise again?

There is a story, an ancient legend, of a boy. A lad, dressed in green, acompanied by a flittering fairy and imbumed with the power of destiny. From the hearths of Kakariko Village, to the boiling caladra of Death Mountain. Across the wind-swepped desert of the Gerudo, to the crystil waters of Zora's Domain, the story is told of a young hero who embraced his destiny and saved the world from eternal darkness.

This is not his story.

This is the story of those who fought in vain to destroy the menace that threatened to engulf the world, and failed. The story of the brave men and women, Hylian, Zora, and Goron alike, who fought in the epic Imprisoning War to defeat the menace of Ganondorf, the King of Evil.

And lost.

But their sacrafice was not in vain.

This is their story.


This is a RP based on the Legend of Zelda, primarily the game Ocarina of Time. It is the story of the seven years that Link, the Hero of Time, layed in the Sacred Relm, awaiting the fufilment of his destiny. It is the story of the brave men and women who fought Ganondorf in that time in an effort to defeat him. They lost, but they made a difference. What that might be, time shall tell.

Legends: The Imprisoning War RP (or Legends RP for short) is run by Paradox244, and has not yet started. Discussion and sign up thread is here.

Prospective Players

Yet to be added.


Information on the races playable in this RP can be found here.

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